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VoteByPhone is a do-it-yourself audience polling application, enabling you to create polls online and let your audience vote, in real-time, over the phone.

Easy VoteByPhone Setup For Your Survey

VoteByPhone can be setup in 3 steps:

1. You configure the survey online

2. Audience calls in to vote

3. Everyone can view results online in real-time 

Easy VoteByPhone Setup For Your Survey

VoteByPhone is ideal for a variety of uses, including:

Political polls & surveys

Live audience voting at performances and conferences

Radio station talk shows

Key Features of VoteByphone

Custom Audio Messages
Record your own custom audio messages for a greeting, voting options, and thank you message. Upload a .wav file, or record your messages over the phone.

Up to 10 Voting Choices
When voters call into your phone number, provide up to 10 voting options by asking them to press numbers 0 - 9 on their keypad.

Control Over Voting Parameters
With VoteByPhone, you have the option to only allow one vote from each caller ID, set a maximum number of votes you'll accept, and schedule the time frame in which you'll accept votes.

Interactive Real-Time Results Dashboard
As voters call in and vote, you'll see an interactive pie chart showing results in real-time. You can make the voting results viewable to anyone online.

Quick & Easy, With Unlimited Customer Support
VoteByPhone is extremely quick and easy to configure, but if you have any questions along the way we have a dedicated customer success team you can call for help.




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