Phone Automation Pricing and Packages

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> Every monthly package subscription includes a 30 day money-back guarantee.
> Your monthly subscription includes 400 minutes with additional usage as low as 3.5 cents per minute.


 Monthly Plans

     $275.95 $154.95 $94.95  
     $330.90 $185.94  $113.94  
    Features Included by Plan    (Plus Usage)  (Plus Usage)  (Plus Usage)  
    Store Locator        
    Lead Distributor          
    IVR Integration          
    Developer API Toolkit          
    Voice Broadcasting          
    Job & Caller Screening          
    Hosted IVR          
    Google® Integration          
    Dynamic Number Insertion          
    Customer Surveys          
    Appointment Confirmation          
    Wake Up & Reminder Calls          
    Virtual Receptionist          
    Find Me          
    Conference Calling          
    Call Tracking          
    Call Routing          
    Business Continuity          
    Voice Mail Boxes included   10 5 5  
    Phone Number Included    Toll-Free  Local  Local  
    Minutes Included   400 400 400  
    *Note* Applicable taxes and currency exchange rate will apply at time of purchase    

A Phone Solution for Every Business in Every Industry.

> Grow Sales
> Save Money
> Track Success
> Improve Service

Industry Examples

> Advertising
> Churches / Non-Profits
> Direct Marketing
> Financial Services
Franchises & Retail
> Health Care
> Home Services
> Insurance
> Lead Generation
> More Industries




Minute Usage Rates

Your software subscription includes 400 minutes per month. When you use more minutes, we automatically offer you the best possible per-minute rates based on your monthly minute usage as shown below. 

    Your Monthly Usage  Per-Minute  Per-Minute  

 Other Billing Features For Our Plans:

> No charges for a busy signal
> No double billing, charge just 1 billable minute per minute connected
> Additional phone numbers and other add-ons are available once you open an account
> Spanish Store Locator is available for an additional fee

  A note about applicable surcharges

> Incoming calls from pay phones are subject to usage surcharges
> Recorded and monitored calls are billed at 1.5 times the standard rate
> A $0.005 per minute surcharge will be applied for all toll free number usage

  0 - 400   Included  Included    
  401  -  1,000   8.7 ¢  7.9 ¢   
  1,001  -  2,500   8.3 ¢  7.5 ¢   
  2,501  -  10,000   7.2 ¢  6.5 ¢   
  10,001  -  20,000   6.1 ¢  5.5 ¢   
  20,001  -  40,000   5.0 ¢  4.5 ¢   
  40,001  -  100,000   4.3 ¢  3.9 ¢   
  100,001  -  Plus   3.9 ¢  3.5 ¢   

International Rates:

Calls outside the Continental U.S. & Canada are subject to usage surcharges based on country. Please note, all international calls will be billed a minimum of one minute and rates are subject to change. Call us for details.

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