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Are there any contacts we need to sign? Are we locked in somehow?
You never have to sign a contract with us! We strongly believe that if we don't provide the service or support that helps to add value to your online solutions, then you shouldn't be tied down to a long term contract. Simple as that.

If you do choose to cancel your account in the future you will never be charged again, but you are responsible for charges already incurred up until your cancellation. We do not prorate for partial months so basically, if you decide to cancel on say the 5th of a month you're going to be billed for that entire month.

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When will my new website show up on Google or other Search Engines?
When we finish programming your new website it is submitted to all the major Search Engines for indexing. Since they receive many new sites everyday it takes time to index them. Be patient and your website should show up soon.

NOTE: There is no guarantee where Google or other search engines will rank your website. We offer an add-on service called Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) whereby we work with you to get your site to rank higher for certain keyword terms. This is not included as part of the base package and is an add-on cost.

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How long will it take to setup a new website?
The average time is typically 10 business days, depending on various factors. If we can obtain all the necessary information from you (i.e. - domain name, content, logo etc...) we can typically complete your website within 5 business days.

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If I purchase a website do I own all the code that makes it function?
No. Your 1-time payment is for the time it takes us to setup and create your website. Our codebase is behind the scenes and basically what makes your site function and work. Unfortunately you do not have any ownership rights to this. Think of your monthly fee as a lease payment to fully utilize all the tools we provide you.

If you decide to cancel your website hosting with us, your new webhost/designer can copy all of the pages of your current site onto their servers BUT the functionality and our CMS does not go with you.

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Do you provide any support for me once the website is launched?
We offer you free technical support in a way that is convenient for you. Our Support Team will give you quick and professional support on all your questions.

The fastest way to our support team is by email! Simply send us an email to and we'll get back to you typically within 1-2 hrs.

Need to talk directly to one of our Specialists? Call us toll free 1-866-323-5001 and we'll look after your requests.

If you need us to make changes for you on an ongoing basis we do offer a website management package whereby you pay us a monthly fee and simply send us your changes for your website and we'll handle them for you.

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If I ever need to make changes to my website, can I do this myself?
Your website comes with an easy to use administration panel where you can easily maintain and update your website (change text, add images, update your calendars, events, blog, view your stats, etc.).

We have many clients that simply don't have the time to update their websites. No worries. Simply send us a quick email with the changes requested or call us toll free and tell us what you want done and our qualified Specialists will get it done usually same day. We will quote you up front on any additional work and usually complete your requested changes the same day.

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Do you help my website rank in search engines?
When we first launch your website, we will submit your site to the major search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo,, and more on your behalf. Additional submissions can be done at an additional fee. Your website comes with easy-to-use, self-serve Search Engine Optimization tools to help you optimize your site for the various search engine crawlers at no cost to you.

We also offer a more specialized Search Engine Optimization Service as well that can help get the results you need. This is an add-on service and invite you to contact us to learn more

Note: We can never guarantee you that you will rank on the first page of any search engine. For that matter no company can do this. If they tell you this be wary of their claims.

Please visit this link on google which states just this fact: click to view

Remember, your website is an integral part of your marketing strategy so be sure to include links to your website in all your communication efforts (newspaper ads, business cards, email signatures etc...)

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Do I have to host my website with you on your servers?
Yes. Our solutions are pre-built and ready to go for you. As part of the monthly fee, you get a fully manageable and very powerful Content Management System that enables you to maintain your website quickly and easily.

This web solution is not transferrable to other servers.

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Will you help me search for and buy a domain name?
Absolutely! Give us a call and our Specialists will help you find a domain name and help you register the name. Please note that there is a yearly fee to register and renew domain names and we encourage you to purchase domain names for 2-5 years at a time.

The domain name will always be yours to keep no matter what website company you decide to do business with. However, to help support your domain name, we will be listed as the administrative contact. This will help us manage your yearly renewals on your behalf.

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Can I integrate additional features or utilities
Absolutely! There are extra costs involved for this BUT it's definitely doable. When you signup simply indicate the features you wish to have and we will contact you to discuss the options available. Please note that if a 3rd party application (i.e. – payment engine, database) is required, they may require a setup fee and may even have a monthly service fees. Contact us to learn more.

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Can I host the website on my own servers?
Unfortunately not. Our product is proprietary in nature and we cannot give out our codebase. We are what is termed an ASP or Application Service Provider. So simply put, we setup everything, look after the servers to ensure it's all up and running, it's secure and we maintain the codebase and a host of other items so you don't have to.

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If I host with you do I get FTP access or CPanel Access?
Sorry but this is not part of the package. If for some reason you need us to upload a specific file while we're building your website we can definitely do so. Your website Management system will show you basically all the things you would need to know about your website such as website statistics and much more.

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