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Please find general questions below or click on the link above for more specific questions by product.

Common Questions We Can Answer...

We know not everyone is an email marketing expert. The following Frequent Questions should get you started and help you to start taking advantage of email marketing as part of your overall web strategy!
Our design team looks forward to helping you get started with your own custom email newsletter campaign to your clients or internal staff.



How much does it cost?

Email marketing is the most cost-effective form of marketing to your client list. Our pay-as-you-go system or monthly plans offer something for everyone. click here to learn more.

There are no set-up fees and no cancellation fees.

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Are there any contracts?

Absolutely not! You simply signup for an account and away you go. There are no contracts at all.

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Can I use the system on behalf of all my clients?

The system allows you to easily setup separate lists for all your clients and manage them easily within your agency account. Use the Email Marketing system to add a new revenue stream to your own business! This is a perfect add-on to any marketing, advertising, PR or web development firm.

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Can you custom design an email newsletter for me or my business?


Our design team will help with simple items like getting started or creating a completely branded email template for you or your company. Visit our Quick Start Design & Customization page to get started.

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Do you have ready-to-use templates for me?

We certainly do. Use our ready-to-go templates or use our design team to create a custom one for you. New basic templates are always being added to our template library.

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Do you automatically keep my client list clean for me?

The system sure does! All your emails include an automatic unsubscribe link (as required by CAN-SPAM) and any unsubscribes or boucebacks are removed from your contact lists. Easily generate a web signup form for visitors to opt-in to receive your email newsletters.

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Can I track how well my campaign performed?

Absolutely! View real time tracking reports/graphs that show you who opened your email, how many times, which emails bounced back and who unsubscribed. The easiest way to show you is for you to try the free trial, send out your first campaign and view the results.

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Can I send email campaigns out to a list of emails that I purchased?

That's called SPAM and is a big no-no on the Internet! We would shut your account down immediately. Make sure everyone on your list wants to receive your email newsletters.

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What's My Return On Investment (R.O.I.)?

Very simple. Take the total cost to setup and send out your email campaign versus how many sales come in from it. You'll find that email marketing is likely the most cost-effective way by far to stay in touch with your clients versus newspaper, radio and tv advertising.

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 I own a company and I'd like to somehow ensure my employees who use Tellem have access to company branded templates

This is possible and we currently set this up for many companies. We can create custom, hidden templates that only people from your organization have access to. These templates can have all the corporate branding you deem necessary and are then easily accessible and useable by people within your organization.

This allows your individual users a quick and easy way to send branded emails out and still have them abide by your company's colour schemes, branding and more.

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