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    Call Routing


Appointment Confirmation - Confirm appointments automatically by creating and delivering an outbound message to your clients or prospects. Save time and money on support staff and missed appointments using Appointment Confirmation.




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    Call Tracking
    Conference Calling   

Business Continuity - What happens to your business if your phone line goes dead? Leverage the system to create a back-up plan to make sure your customers can contact you until your phone company fixes the problem.

    Find Me Call Forwarding
    Virtual Receptionist  

Call Recording - You can record your phone calls using our Find Me, Store Locator, Call Distributor and IVR services. "Your call may be recorded for... purposes"

    Dynamic Numbers

Customer Surveys - Find out what your customers think by soliciting their ideas and feedback using voice based interactive Customer Surveys. Personalize questions for each market segment using IVR Voice Forms.

    Google Integration
    Hosted IVR

Job & Caller Screening - Enables you to automatically prescreen future employees just like a global corporation. Save time and money during your busy season or when you land that next large project by using IVR Voice Forms.

    Voice Broadcasting
    Call Distributor

Phone-Me-Now - Click-to-Call technology that requires ZERO configuration. If you can type your telephone number into an email message, you can add click to call capabilities to your business with Phone-Me-Now.

    Developer API ToolKit
    Store Locator

Verify-Me-Now - Reduce Credit Card fraud today. Using the Verify-Me-Now solution, you have the ability to reduce fraud by verifying that a customer's telephone number is, in fact, that customer's real phone number.

    Local Phone Numbers
    Toll-Free Numbers

Voice Mail - Gives you the same options you expect with traditional voice mail, plus an extra level of flexibility. You can retrieve your messages from any phone or by listening to them on your computer in an email sent to you as soon as the message is recorded.

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Wake Up & Reminder Calls - Stop relying on your handheld or alarm clock. Start depending on Wake Up and Reminder Calls. Schedule unlimited daily call reminders for anytime, view settings from any phone, and receive calls from anywhere using Voice Broadcast technology.


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