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Marketing With A Blog
July 26, 2010 @ 10:50 AM by:
November 20th, 2009

One of the newest and most exciting things on the Internet today is blogs and blogging websites. Blogs, an abbreviation of the term “web logs”, are individual online journals that allow people to voice opinions, talk about passions, hobbies, business or personal topics. Though journals on the Internet are not new, organized blog websites have now made it possible for people to easily set up personal platforms where they can attract readers and reach out to a large public. This means marketing with a blog can be very effective also, and the cost is simply a little of your time each day.

Blogs can be useful in a variety of ways. A blog can keep friends and family members updated on how your life is going. It can help you reach out to fellow hobbyists and give them the benefit of your wisdom, or send out feelers for some advice. It can showcase your business and expertise in any number of fields.

When you own and run your own business, marketing with a blog is one way to attract clients and customers and can be incorporated easily into an online marketing campaign. When you have a niche in life that you are trying to make profitable, it can be difficult to get the word out without spending a fortune in advertising. Having a blog can help you to reach out to people locally or all over the world, depending on which customers you are looking to attract and still be cost effective at the same time.

Let’s say that you make costume jewelry and want more people to know about what you have to offer. Marketing with a blog can be a good way to do this. Sign up with a blogging website, set up an individual blog and then start writing a daily journal about making jewelry. Talk about the jewelry trade and current news as well as your particular style of jewelry making. Talk about the history behind some of the jewelry that you make and the adventures you’ve had finding the pieces that you put in your jewelry. In other words, make what you do interesting to people and out it on a more personal level.

When people start relating to you and seeing you as an expert with important things to impart to others, they are more inclined to want to buy what you are selling. With your blog you can create a following and start some word-of-mouth advertising that will domino into increased sales.

To get the most out of marketing with a blog, you need to make sure your writing is articulate and interesting. You want people to enjoy what they’re reading and to want to come back for more. If you don’t consider yourself a strong writer, try to enlist the help of someone who is. Write your own blog, but have this person read it over for you and give you tips on how to clean up the text. Entertaining and concise writing will automatically make people think of you as someone who is intelligent, and they will want to know what you have to say.

You want to use keywords in your blog that will attract people who are looking for what you have to offer. Keywords are words put into website and online article text that hopefully match the words that people are entering into search engines. If people are searching for costume jewelry on Google, you want to have those words and related words in your blog entries so that the search engine will hopefully steer them toward it.
Using SEO, more commonly known as Search Engine Optimization is a great way to get people to your blog. Another method is to join communities that are especially geared to send traffic to other blogs. Joining a blogroll which is essentially a listing of blogs that you put on your blog’s page in order to get the same service from other blogs with your link inserted in the list is another method. All of these and others are popular and usually more than one if not all of them are used consecutively.

If you have a business website, put a clear link to that website at the end of each blog entry. Write accompanying text explaining how people will benefit by clicking on your link to learn more and contact you business.
Do your research and make sure that your blog is directed to the target audience needing your goods or services. The point of marketing is to convert readers into customers so tailoring the blog to something that’s of interest to them will give you a better chance of that. This includes not only the content you put on your blog but how it looks as well; the colors, fonts and photos.

You’ll find that marketing with a blog can be one of the best tools for increasing business profits. Follow the simple blog marketing guidelines and be sure to keep up with it each day and you stand to see big financial returns for a minimal investment of time.

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